A staple in flexible packaging, bags have been used in the coffee and candy markets for years and are becoming popular in other industries and markets.


We offer different closure systems to meet the individual needs of your project.

  • Transverse Zipper

These enhancement options are also available.

  • Tear Options:
    Tear Notch – creates a starting point for consumers to grasp and open the pouch, various styles available
    Perforation – creates a clean tear across the pouch
    Laser Score – creates a basis for straight line tearing, leaving the barrier material intact
  • Valves – a one-way valve allows air to escape and keeps products fresh
  • Handles – different handle holes are available, with and without reinforcement
  • Hang Hole – several hang hole styles and sizes available to meet your product hanging needs
  • Seals & Seams:
    Fin Seal – the back panel seam created when the two ends of the web are sealed and folded over
    Lap Seal – the back panel seam created when the one end of the web overlaps the other
    Offset Back Seam – the fin seal can be shifted towards one side of the package, offsetting the seam
    Glued Gussets & Backseam – constant stream or spot glue can be used to tack down or together panels of the package for cosmetic or functional purposes