Choose from a wide variety of label shapes, sizes, and materials. We carry a large inventory of printing substrate, including paper, vinyl, Mylar, foil, polypropylene and recyclables. We have over 2000 inks in stock, and if needed, a custom die can be designed to fit your specific product requirements. We have the ability to print 10 colors at sizes up to 13″ x 24″ or 8 colors at sizes up to 16″ x 18″.


Whether for product identification or package tracing, we have the capabilities and the knowledge to create consistent, readable barcode labels that meet any and all industry requirements.

Piggy Back

Multi Packaging and Printing has the technical and creative ability to create reliable and memorable labels you can use for your promotion, business reply cards, product registration or anything to make communicating with your customers quick and easy.


We offer different security labels to fight counterfeiting and product tampering to help you protect your products, your employees and your customers. A few options include security printing, holography and embossing.


It’s common for most adhesives to maintain a service temperature of -10° Celsius, but some industries require something heartier. We provide freezer labels that can withstand temperatures up to -40° Celsius and are suitable for your deep-freeze needs.

Thermal Transfer

These labels are known for their resistance to fading when subjected to heat or sunlight. Thermal transfer labels offer protection against friction and scratching, has a shelf-life of more than a year and is known for printing crisply and cleanly.

Static Cling

This thin vinyl is great to use for temporary displays as they are easy to remove and replace in a different location. There is no adhesive used so this type of label is perfect for pretty much any no-porous surface.


Do you need a versatile label to use only as long as you need it? Removable label stock won’t damage or stain the surface you stick it to and is perfect for containers or items for sale.


Validate your documents, protect valuable coupons and certificates and safeguard essential documents against duplication with these labels. Multi Packaging and Printing has the experience and technology to print consistent quality.

Four-Color Process

Labels printed using four=color process produce photographic quality images and will make your label stand out on the shelf! Both our flexographic and digital presses use this process, achieving full color, high definition results for your business.


MANY, MANY MORE! If you don’t see the kind of label you are looking for, contact us for more information!

Multi Packaging and Printing is well-versed in labels for nearly every industry and knows what size, type and printing operation is best recommended for the requirements of your business and your customers. Our current customers cover a wide variety of markets:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food/Beverage
  • Advertising
  • Shipping/Mailing
  • Identification
  • Cosmetic Health
  • Automobile
  • Retail
  • Nutrition
  • Industrial
  • Audio
  • Electronics
  • Chemical

Shrink wrapping secures your labels in compact packages, separating them in manageable portions for transport or distribution. We have multiple core sizes to accommodate your roll labels to meet your needs. Depending on your type of labels and how they will be used, we have sheeting and stacking capabilities, specialty slitting and rewinding for your customer specifications, as well as customizable carton labeling. Our finishing options are second to none, allowing for specialty packaging, stocking and delivery programs tailored to your needs, and a wide range of fulfillment services to ensure your product gets where it’s needed on time, every time.