We offer a variety of pouching solution to meet your flexible packaging needs, from traditional three-side seal pouches to unique shaped pouches.


We offer different closure systems to meet the individual needs of your project.

  • Slider Zipper
  • Hooded Zipper
  • Press-to-Close Zipper
  • 10mm Single Lock Zippers
  • Powder Resistant Zippers
  • Child Safe Zippers
  • Easy Crush LDPE Blend with Sealing Ribs

These enhancement options are also available.

  • Tear Options:
    Tear Notch – creates a starting point for consumers to grasp and open the pouch, various styles available
    Perforation – creates a clean tear across the pouch
    Laser Score – creates a basis for straight line tearing, leaving the barrier material intact
  • Custom Bottom Gusset
  • Vent and Valve Options:
    Vent Holes & Microperfs – pin holes in the film allow air to escape
    Valves – a one-way valve allows air to escape and keeps products fresh
  • Rounded Corners – prevent sharp edges with this safety feature
  • Handles – different handle holes are available, with and without reinforcement
  • Hang Hole – several hang hole styles and sizes available to meet your product hanging needs
  • Wicket – reduce handling and loading time with pouches pre-threaded onto u-shaped brackets